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NEW PRODUCT TD42 performance camshafts

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MOre torque throughout the rpm spread,increased lift and modified lobe separation ,,dyno tested.

Lewis Engines hand ported W9 Mopar heads 650HP -582 ftlbs 5500rpm.

Lewis Engines hand ported W9 heads  Bergamin Bros built 408 cube smallblock, pump fuel.650 HP @ 6600rpm and 582 ftlbs @5500rpm

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YD25 Performance build -Lewis Engines NOW up and running Navara D40-D22 Patrol- Pathfinder

Up and operational now YD25 Performance modifications-machining and parts sales."doin it properly''  To overcome Nissans faultsAll 4wd and Nissan enthusiasts will now have a total solution to fix and repair of there engines.Utilising custom steel crank,upgraded pistons, full block machine,balance, dual row timing chain upgrade, valve and spring solutions,balance shaft removal, oil system modifications-- offering [...]

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Ramp style dynoes !!!1 WARNING.

It has come to my attention recently ,after seeing a few RB engines come off the dyno with bearings damage -oil starvation. That the ramp style dyno that the rear of the car is in the air is a serious problem during dyno time on an RB engine. The RB suffering from  engine oil drainback [...]

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Lewis Engines 450 cube small block normally aspirated, well into developement

Malcolm Parish 450 cube n/a small block is well into its developement stage with a recent mid 9 second pass @138 mph. Changing cam timing and gears will be a hopeful low 9 second pass- superbly prepped and tuned by Lawrence at LA Motors.Stock suspension type street car with 630 hp @590 ftlbs.

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'' NEWSFLASH'' XR-6 TURBO ''ultimate'' RACE HEAD developement and testing in process.

stainless race valves,the best money can buy, ultimate portflow and airspeed.enhancing the turbo six enthusiast build.unlimited boost ................

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' Quest for a high flowing Harley evolution cylinder head '

recently given a challenge to create the highest flowing S&S super stock evolution head.Using an 80 cube engine and an attempt to crack 100 HP !!!!!!!!!!!!!.read on in PROJECTS section.

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Jamie Lewis G1 round 2

First race event for up and coming drifter Jamie Lewis.Failed to qualify suffering from bad steering and alot of nerves !!!!!''Best luck next time max effort for trying '' sponsored Lewis Engines.

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Andre Lukasz '' LEWIS ENGINES SR20'' Tarmac rally top finish

SR20 race engine build SEE SPECS here..........

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