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Ramp style dynoes !!!1 WARNING.


It has come to my attention recently ,after seeing a few RB engines come off the dyno with bearings damage -oil starvation. That the ramp style dyno that the rear of the car is in the air is a serious problem during dyno time on an RB engine. The RB suffering from  engine oil drainback at best of times, when on these types of dyno,s, at high rpm the rear head drain and the factory 3 rear oil drains ,because of the cars angle, are not draining at all.

My attention came to be when a recent customer blamed our race sump and after thorough investigation it is absolutely evident that these types of engines will suffer bottom end damge on this style dyno.

Sitting the sump with a full pan of oil level then simulating the dyno ramp angle shows you there is minimal oil at the pickup---NO MATTER THE SUMP DESIGN. ''ENGINE BUILDER BEWARE''