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YD25 Performance build -Lewis Engines NOW up and running Navara D40-D22 Patrol- Pathfinder

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Up and operational now YD25 Performance modifications-machining and parts sales.

"doin it properly''  To overcome Nissans faults

All 4wd and Nissan enthusiasts will now have a total solution to fix and repair of there engines.

Utilising custom steel crank,upgraded pistons, full block machine,balance, dual row timing chain upgrade, valve and spring solutions,balance shaft removal, oil system modifications-- offering complete packages at a affordable cost.

Paying particular attention to bearing crush,clearances and oiling modifications- utilizing ARP fasteners throughout.

Balancing these engines the correct way is inherrant to remove all crank harmonics which can break cranks and cause bearing problems.

We modify the oil pumps and use our 4140 billet oil pump gears and 50 rockwell harmonic balancer to stop geardrive wear and breakages.

To combat bottom end problems and create a reliable vehicle

Nissan Navara D40 and D22 all models and Nissan Pathfinder 

We can also advise on fuel system safety precautions and water separation in fuel solutions.